“The second monthly ZOOL RADAR show featured a ‘rotating door’ performance fittingly named the ZOOL HIVE; a collaborative project featuring many of Zool’s nearest and dearest – including members of Alpha Twin, Mosmo Strange, Part Time Pilots, WASPS and Judas Wolves.

Opening the show were FERALS with their Zool debut. They did not disappoint, providing some huge atmosphere and helping set the tone for the rest of the night. Having seen FERALS play a few times since, they are only getting better as they go on. Keep an eye on these guys. (Click here to watch their new video for Brendan Rogers)

Next up was another Zool newcomer in the shape of WILLOWARE JACKSON. The 3 piece took the place by storm, immediately gripping the whole audience from centre stage all the way to the back of the room. Drums, Bass, a vocalist and a shitload of groove, WILLOWARE JACKSON blew me away at RADAR 2 and we can’t wait to work with them again soon.

Finally, it was time to unleash the ZOOL HIVE upon the unsuspecting Menagerie goers. We worked tirelessly to prepare the ZOOL HIVE set over the whole month running up to RADAR 2, while trying to keep our cards close to our chest about what exactly ZOOL HIVE was going to be. In the end we played a 2 part headline set with a short intermission, featuring covers and originals of Zool bands, as well as mashups like Danny’s (WASPS) cover of Dark Sunglasses, and Mosmo Strange Feat. Enda McCrory covering Tom Waits’ timeless groover – ‘Goin’ Out West’.  My personal highlight of the evening was playing a cover of Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals with CJ (Judas Wolves), Beth, Nolan and Mundo.
(We will be putting together a ZOOL HIVE CD which will be available for purchase online or at the next Zool event)

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all involved for your time and effort, it was essential in having it turn out as rad as it did.

Until next time… ”

– Ashley ‘Hellview’ Hamilton

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