The third monthly ZOOL RADAR show featured performances from Les Pantalons, NOLAN & The Zool Boyz and the supernal Foreign Owl.

(‘YR’, a track we recorded for Foreign Owl just before we started Zool Records!)

Vadim Zeberg (guitar/vocals for Les Pantalons) approached Nolan and myself at Zool RADAR 2 – ZOOL HIVE to talk about working with us, and we got him a slot at the next one! Les Pantalons opened their RADAR debut with a raw and jittery performance, setting a dark vibe with their noisy folk rock.
(Click here to Listen to their newest single, Krankenwagon!)

Following Les Pantalons were NOLAN & The Zool Boyz featuring guest/surprise performances from Gavin Scott (Mosmo Strange) and Enda McCrory (Part Time Pilots/Mongol Gentlemens Club). The set was really fun to play, we included new versions of tunes as well as some fun covers. Personal highlight was our sludge version of dirty Mongol Gents tune ‘She’s ridin’ the country’.


(It was also Nolan’s 24th birthday!)

Lastly, the must-see Foreign Owl took to the stage much sooner than their set was supposed to start in order to assume meditative positions. The trio sat peacefully and cross legged on the stage until they all seemed to at once come out of their trance and straight into their set. Foreign Owl bring an unhinged energy to every set I have had the pleasure of watching them play, and RADAR 3 was no different, tune after tune had the crowd hanging on every note. Personal highlight of the set for me was their R&B infused monster, ‘Pink Nose’.

Next up we have ZOOL RADAR 4 Feat. Judas Wolves, MOSA, NEWT and Hit the B Button (fresh off an awesome EP launch check it out!). 31st of May! See you there!

– Ashley ‘Hellview’ Hamilton

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