TRACK TALK: Order Sixty Six ‘Sirens’

I want to tell you guys about a hardcore band from Dublin I came across recently, and have since had the pleasure to share the stage with – ORDER SIXTY SIX!

 We properly got into the Belfast hardcore scene at the start of 2019, around the same time I met Gavin and the boys from local hype beasts NO GREAT LOSS. I was on the lookout for heavy bands and he strongly recommended Order Sixty Six – I just about managed to catch their set at the recent Menagerie show for NGL’s launch night (i say just about as i was mostly talking shite out in the smoking area, for shame). Anyway, the track in particular that I have been addicted to by O66 is ‘Sirens’ – its a real heavy hitter with an interesting structure – everyone who has hung out with me the past couple months will attest to how many times I attempt to recreate one line in particular:

“and everyday, I find myself wondering – is this what I get in return for suffering?”

Seriously. I have not fucking put this down. Thank god Spotify don’t limit how many times you can play a song cos I would have hit that limit on day one. And you best fucking believe we’re bringing them to Zool ASAP. 

If you dig this track you’ll enjoy the rest of the EP for sure – around every bend you’re met with more emotionally charged one-liners that slap you around even more than the brutal riffs they accompany. Check out Sirens (Order Sixty Six) off their EP of the same name now on Spotify!

by Nolan Roadkill Donnelly
– Purveyor of tunes

Published by ZOOL RECORDS

Artist Collective & Record Label based in Belfast est. 2017

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