NEW VIDEO: The Lord Does What He Wants

We’re delighted to feature the release of ‘The Lord Does What He Wants’ – the new video from our favourite experimental jazz-folk monkey queen, Maya Goldblum. Released under her pseudonym  Queen Bonobo, the single has been released today with a video that’s equal parts bizarre and lovely – featuring a host of local musicians and friends of Maya’s from the Bennigan’s scene. Maya kindly shared some thoughts on the song and video’s meaning via e-mail.

“The Lord Does What He Wants is a modern and whacky take on ‘another supper with Good Times Jesus’. It stemmed from the pre chorus, “I want to sail away from everything serious, bury anxieties and take MD with the Lord.” I was recently kicked out due to visa shite and this video is a window into my Derry family and the beautiful art/music/hooligan community that I was able to weave into and share these moments with.”

“I started writing ‘The Lord Does What He Wants’ on my 21st birthday, in the Magee University music building, alone, sobbing. I felt estranged in a new culture and wrung out from an emotionally abusive relationship and honestly had to sit there and sing and play myself into some form of comfort and humor. We all need to sail away from seriousness every now and then and sometimes experiences that break you down, force you to look at how trivial getting wrapped up in your ego and judgment is. Sometimes you need to break a literal or metaphorical bone in order to be humbled”

Watch the video for The Lord Does What He Wants below (and if you like what you hear be sure to check out the rest of Queen Bonobo’s album, Light Shadow Boom Boom; )

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