“The second monthly ZOOL RADAR show featured a ‘rotating door’ performance fittingly named the ZOOL HIVE; a collaborative project featuring many of Zool’s nearest and dearest – including members of Alpha Twin, Mosmo Strange, Part Time Pilots, WASPS and Judas Wolves.

Opening the show were FERALS with their Zool debut. They did not disappoint, providing some huge atmosphere and helping set the tone for the rest of the night. Having seen FERALS play a few times since, they are only getting better as they go on. Keep an eye on these guys. (Click here to watch their new video for Brendan Rogers)

Next up was another Zool newcomer in the shape of WILLOWARE JACKSON. The 3 piece took the place by storm, immediately gripping the whole audience from centre stage all the way to the back of the room. Drums, Bass, a vocalist and a shitload of groove, WILLOWARE JACKSON blew me away at RADAR 2 and we can’t wait to work with them again soon.

Finally, it was time to unleash the ZOOL HIVE upon the unsuspecting Menagerie goers. We worked tirelessly to prepare the ZOOL HIVE set over the whole month running up to RADAR 2, while trying to keep our cards close to our chest about what exactly ZOOL HIVE was going to be. In the end we played a 2 part headline set with a short intermission, featuring covers and originals of Zool bands, as well as mashups like Danny’s (WASPS) cover of Dark Sunglasses, and Mosmo Strange Feat. Enda McCrory covering Tom Waits’ timeless groover – ‘Goin’ Out West’.  My personal highlight of the evening was playing a cover of Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals with CJ (Judas Wolves), Beth, Nolan and Mundo.
(We will be putting together a ZOOL HIVE CD which will be available for purchase online or at the next Zool event)

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all involved for your time and effort, it was essential in having it turn out as rad as it did.

Until next time… ”

– Ashley ‘Hellview’ Hamilton


ON that fateful night (22.2.18), Zool put on the first of its ZOOLRADAR exhibitions at The Menagerie – and it went so well we secured a monthly residency at the venue. Alpha Twin unveiled a slew of highly anticipated new songs and riffs. WASPS transformed the menagerie horde into the rowdiest crowd we’ve seen them play to – just in time for Mosmo Strange to do what we do.

“RADAR 1 was a huge success –  our eyes were opened to the support that we actually have, and it really set a standard for how we wanted the nights to go on.

First up, Alpha Twin absolutely blew the roof off with their opening set. I was on the merch-desk at this point, which was good for a couple of reasons; 1. I was safe from the already hectic moshing going on involving maybe the biggest crowd I have ever seen for an opener at a local music gig. 2. I was right beside the brand new speaker system in The Menagerie and it sounded incredible.

Following Alpha Twin on this night would be hard for anyone, but WASPS more than rose up to the challenge. Danny yelling ‘UPPA FUCKIN’ PEELERS’ then making the crowd yell it back is in contention for my favourite gig moment of the year so far. Tight as a duck’s hole as per usual.

Next up was ourselves, the boys (or Mosmo Strange to everyone else) – and we were raring to go. I really loved playing that set, my Crash cymbal had a life of its own and even ended up in the crowd, twice.

Overall the night blew me away, the support for Zool and our mission to bring local artists together was amazing – everyone I spoke to seemed to have had the best time, as did everyone at Zool Records.”

– Ashley Hellview Hamilton

REFLECTING ON RADAR (pt.2) coming next Monday 21st May!



We’ve put together a quick round-up of what tracks we’ve had on heavy rotation recently.  Of course, it’s impossible to fit an entire year of good music into a short list, so we’ve made a Spotify playlist with more of our favourite tracks we’ve heard this year. Check out NOLAN and ASH’s Top 3 Finds of 2017!

NOLAN’s Picks

Listen to ‘Grifting’ on Spotify

1. ‘Grifting’ – TIMBER TIMBRE
Timber Timbre was probably my favourite artist to stumble upon this year – being described by a good friend as ‘the most overlooked band in the world’, my interest was piqued. Beautiful, atmospheric & dark, every album gets across these feelings under a different musical guise – this time with an ’80s tinged swagger that is truly addictive.




Listen to ‘Private Execution’ on Spotify

2. ‘Private Execution’ – THE DRONES
This one is special – outlandish synth, haunting bass & guitar experimentation would be the main features of this track for me – had it not been for Liddiard’s captivating vocal performance. “But what do fish know about water? I’m probably someone’s entertainment – let’s change the topic before I get misanthropic, It’s only a vacation” Love it. Please stick this on.



Listen to ‘Dum Surfer’ on Spotify

3. ‘Dum Surfer’ – KING KRULE
This is a more recent obsession of mine – something everyone who has spent time in ZOOL HQ over the past month can attest to. King Krule has a bit of a marmite vibe about him, but I instantly fell in love with the blend of jazzy instrumentation and dream-like production on Dum Surfer. What a groover!



ASH’s Picks

Listen to ‘Judith’ on Spotify

1.  ‘Judith’  – RAKETKANON
Raketkanon is a bit of a cheeky pick for me, since I definitely heard of them before this year – but it was the discovery of a live video of them playing in Serbia that really caught my attention! ( skip to 13 minutes to hear Judith live: If you like drone-y synth and guitar with heavy drums and effected vocals then this is an absolute must-hear.



Listen to ‘High Speed’ on Spotify

2. ‘High Speed’ – SINGLE MOTHERS
It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Single Mothers are right up there with my favourite ever bands, and their 2017 album ‘Our Pleasure’ was definitely a highlight for me. ‘High Speed’ ends with a wonderfully sarcastic and typically self-aware Drew Thompson yelling, “I like the older shit”, followed by “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SINGLE MOTHERS?”. Following their previous release ‘Negative Qualities’ (one of my all-time favourites) would be no easy task – but I’m pleased to report that they absolutely smashed it.

Listen to ‘Viande’ on Spotify

3. ‘Viande’ – IGORRR
Where to even begin with Igorrr? The French electronic musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist’s new album (Savage Sinusoid) was an easy pick with its constant aggressive barrage of heavy noise. The whole album is well worth a listen from start to finish, not to mention the fascinating 3-part studio documentary of its creation – which was inspirational to say the least for us at Zool Records. (Here is Part 1:



Now you know ours, send your recommendations our way! Let’s get to know each other a little better.

~Nolan & Ash

> Click here for full ‘ZOOL’s Favourite Finds’ Spotify playlist <