GOD ALONE at the Warehouse

Zool recently had the absolute pleasure of hosting one of the most exciting acts in the country for their highly anticipated self-titled EP launch.

God Alone. 

Where to even begin? 

The young lads from Cork made their way up to our little slice of Belfast to put on what was one of the tightest, heaviest and most impressive musical performances the warehouse has ever facilitated (or that I have ever witnessed, for the record). They really are capable of giving you a little bit of everything, at times you go from feeling an ethereal weightlessness and warmth, until all of a sudden they shift into high gear and bombard you with punchy, droning, meticulous riffs and mind bending time signatures, all the while accompanied by aggressive and cutting vocals that keep you present and right where they want you: on the very edge of your seat.

The self-titled EP itself, which zooligans in attendance will have gotten a taste of on the night, is absolutely phenomenal. Their ability to fit as many different parts and moods together throughout not only the first few minutes of the very first track, but indeed the entire EP, shows how accomplished the band are as musicians and songwriters. This EP could very well be a contender for most impressive release of the year for me, and if you haven’t heard it yet, go follow the guys and then check it out!

In support on the night we had the enigmatic Dreamreading who once again blew me away with an air tight bombardment of noise and determined riffs, which when it all comes together, sort of gives me the same feeling I get when an airplane suddenly accelerates for take off. Opening the night, myself and Nolan brought our new take on Sex Hardcore to the warehouse crowd for the first time. We got good pal and confidante Eamonn Doherty up to lay some guitar down for us at the end of the set and it felt great to be back on the stage with those guys after a long time away from gigging myself.

Zool are planning to have God Alone back up to Belfast early in 2020 for something really exciting and you won’t want to miss it. 

by Ashley Hellview Hamilton