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We’ve put together a quick round-up of what tracks we’ve had on heavy rotation recently.  Of course, it’s impossible to fit an entire year of good music into a short list, so we’ve made a Spotify playlist with more of our favourite tracks we’ve heard this year. Check out NOLAN and ASH’s Top 3 Finds of 2017!

NOLAN’s Picks

Listen to ‘Grifting’ on Spotify

1. ‘Grifting’ – TIMBER TIMBRE
Timber Timbre was probably my favourite artist to stumble upon this year – being described by a good friend as ‘the most overlooked band in the world’, my interest was piqued. Beautiful, atmospheric & dark, every album gets across these feelings under a different musical guise – this time with an ’80s tinged swagger that is truly addictive.




Listen to ‘Private Execution’ on Spotify

2. ‘Private Execution’ – THE DRONES
This one is special – outlandish synth, haunting bass & guitar experimentation would be the main features of this track for me – had it not been for Liddiard’s captivating vocal performance. “But what do fish know about water? I’m probably someone’s entertainment – let’s change the topic before I get misanthropic, It’s only a vacation” Love it. Please stick this on.



Listen to ‘Dum Surfer’ on Spotify

3. ‘Dum Surfer’ – KING KRULE
This is a more recent obsession of mine – something everyone who has spent time in ZOOL HQ over the past month can attest to. King Krule has a bit of a marmite vibe about him, but I instantly fell in love with the blend of jazzy instrumentation and dream-like production on Dum Surfer. What a groover!



ASH’s Picks

Listen to ‘Judith’ on Spotify

1.  ‘Judith’  – RAKETKANON
Raketkanon is a bit of a cheeky pick for me, since I definitely heard of them before this year – but it was the discovery of a live video of them playing in Serbia that really caught my attention! ( skip to 13 minutes to hear Judith live: http://youtu.be/v6_WyU-KdR8) If you like drone-y synth and guitar with heavy drums and effected vocals then this is an absolute must-hear.



Listen to ‘High Speed’ on Spotify

2. ‘High Speed’ – SINGLE MOTHERS
It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Single Mothers are right up there with my favourite ever bands, and their 2017 album ‘Our Pleasure’ was definitely a highlight for me. ‘High Speed’ ends with a wonderfully sarcastic and typically self-aware Drew Thompson yelling, “I like the older shit”, followed by “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SINGLE MOTHERS?”. Following their previous release ‘Negative Qualities’ (one of my all-time favourites) would be no easy task – but I’m pleased to report that they absolutely smashed it.

Listen to ‘Viande’ on Spotify

3. ‘Viande’ – IGORRR
Where to even begin with Igorrr? The French electronic musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist’s new album (Savage Sinusoid) was an easy pick with its constant aggressive barrage of heavy noise. The whole album is well worth a listen from start to finish, not to mention the fascinating 3-part studio documentary of its creation – which was inspirational to say the least for us at Zool Records. (Here is Part 1: http://youtu.be/Yq7_Kax-Dwl)



Now you know ours, send your recommendations our way! Let’s get to know each other a little better.

~Nolan & Ash

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