TRACK TALK: Order Sixty Six ‘Sirens’

I want to tell you guys about a hardcore band from Dublin I came across recently, and have since had the pleasure to share the stage with – ORDER SIXTY SIX!

 We properly got into the Belfast hardcore scene at the start of 2019, around the same time I met Gavin and the boys from local hype beasts NO GREAT LOSS. I was on the lookout for heavy bands and he strongly recommended Order Sixty Six – I just about managed to catch their set at the recent Menagerie show for NGL’s launch night (i say just about as i was mostly talking shite out in the smoking area, for shame). Anyway, the track in particular that I have been addicted to by O66 is ‘Sirens’ – its a real heavy hitter with an interesting structure – everyone who has hung out with me the past couple months will attest to how many times I attempt to recreate one line in particular:

“and everyday, I find myself wondering – is this what I get in return for suffering?”

Seriously. I have not fucking put this down. Thank god Spotify don’t limit how many times you can play a song cos I would have hit that limit on day one. And you best fucking believe we’re bringing them to Zool ASAP. 

If you dig this track you’ll enjoy the rest of the EP for sure – around every bend you’re met with more emotionally charged one-liners that slap you around even more than the brutal riffs they accompany. Check out Sirens (Order Sixty Six) off their EP of the same name now on Spotify!

by Nolan Roadkill Donnelly
– Purveyor of tunes

NEW SHOW: Banjaxed X Zool

Tomorrow night, Zool will play host to a full lineup of acts from the Banjaxed Records roster. Currently building momentum with their fine taste in rap and hip-hop artists, Banjaxed are bringing some of their hottest acts to the warehouse – Leo Miyagee, Jack Bashful, GK, Youse.e and Afrobigums.

With the aim of bringing fresh Belfast music to a new crowd who might not have gotten a taste for it yet, this collab will hopefully be the first of many genre-defying showcases from Banjaxed x Zool!

Friday 23rd August
Banjaxed x Zool Showcase
at the Zool Warehouse

BYOB 8pm. £5

PS. Hey, thanks for reading the first zoolnews post – gonna be using this part of our site to give you more info, news, music and shows that we’re interested in! Get stuck in – here’s some amazing tracks I’ve heard from
>Leo Miyagee
– can’t wait to get more familiar with the rest of the lineup on Friday!

// Nol

Click here for event page! (Facebook)

LUMINARY out now!

Our friends in Willoware Jackson have just released their debut single, LUMINARY via Zool Records! Check out the music video below and get your playlists updated on Spotify ’cause its up there too! Great bunch of lads.

We’re helping them launch their new EP at The Menagerie on Saturday 15th September! Support from NEWT + more.



[01:00 Introducing]  [01:37 Song: The Bonnevilles – Reflex Liar]  [03:40 Introducing]  [04:20 Song: Baxter Dury – Miami]  [06:17 Introducing]  [06:56 Song: Pile – Fingers (Live for Audiotree)]  [10:19 Introducing]  [11:01 Song : Rituals – Rolo Tomassi]

Thanks for listening – go check out the full streams & videos for the songs we’ve talked about by clicking the following links:

The Bonnevilles – Reflex Liar…

Baxter Dury – Miami…

Pile – Fingers Live on Audiotree…

Rolo Tomassi – Rituals…




Nolan, Danny & Ash talked about some things we’re excited about.

0:16 RADAR LAUNCH NIGHT (FEB 22nd) 1:30 PUBLIC APOLOGY 2:00 ALPHA TWIN’s massive balls 3:10 the boys start saying ‘mmm’ lots 4:20 ZOOLCAST lives! 6:53 ZOOL REC●RDS 9:40 [OFF AIR] 10:05 [ON AIR] Zool Stall at ‘An Evening with Electric Octopus’ 11:00 [END SHOW] 11:45 Musical Guest


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We’ve put together a quick round-up of what tracks we’ve had on heavy rotation recently.  Of course, it’s impossible to fit an entire year of good music into a short list, so we’ve made a Spotify playlist with more of our favourite tracks we’ve heard this year. Check out NOLAN and ASH’s Top 3 Finds of 2017!

NOLAN’s Picks

Listen to ‘Grifting’ on Spotify

1. ‘Grifting’ – TIMBER TIMBRE
Timber Timbre was probably my favourite artist to stumble upon this year – being described by a good friend as ‘the most overlooked band in the world’, my interest was piqued. Beautiful, atmospheric & dark, every album gets across these feelings under a different musical guise – this time with an ’80s tinged swagger that is truly addictive.




Listen to ‘Private Execution’ on Spotify

2. ‘Private Execution’ – THE DRONES
This one is special – outlandish synth, haunting bass & guitar experimentation would be the main features of this track for me – had it not been for Liddiard’s captivating vocal performance. “But what do fish know about water? I’m probably someone’s entertainment – let’s change the topic before I get misanthropic, It’s only a vacation” Love it. Please stick this on.



Listen to ‘Dum Surfer’ on Spotify

3. ‘Dum Surfer’ – KING KRULE
This is a more recent obsession of mine – something everyone who has spent time in ZOOL HQ over the past month can attest to. King Krule has a bit of a marmite vibe about him, but I instantly fell in love with the blend of jazzy instrumentation and dream-like production on Dum Surfer. What a groover!



ASH’s Picks

Listen to ‘Judith’ on Spotify

1.  ‘Judith’  – RAKETKANON
Raketkanon is a bit of a cheeky pick for me, since I definitely heard of them before this year – but it was the discovery of a live video of them playing in Serbia that really caught my attention! ( skip to 13 minutes to hear Judith live: If you like drone-y synth and guitar with heavy drums and effected vocals then this is an absolute must-hear.



Listen to ‘High Speed’ on Spotify

2. ‘High Speed’ – SINGLE MOTHERS
It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Single Mothers are right up there with my favourite ever bands, and their 2017 album ‘Our Pleasure’ was definitely a highlight for me. ‘High Speed’ ends with a wonderfully sarcastic and typically self-aware Drew Thompson yelling, “I like the older shit”, followed by “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SINGLE MOTHERS?”. Following their previous release ‘Negative Qualities’ (one of my all-time favourites) would be no easy task – but I’m pleased to report that they absolutely smashed it.

Listen to ‘Viande’ on Spotify

3. ‘Viande’ – IGORRR
Where to even begin with Igorrr? The French electronic musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist’s new album (Savage Sinusoid) was an easy pick with its constant aggressive barrage of heavy noise. The whole album is well worth a listen from start to finish, not to mention the fascinating 3-part studio documentary of its creation – which was inspirational to say the least for us at Zool Records. (Here is Part 1:



Now you know ours, send your recommendations our way! Let’s get to know each other a little better.

~Nolan & Ash

> Click here for full ‘ZOOL’s Favourite Finds’ Spotify playlist <