Reflecting On Radar (Pt.1)

ON that fateful night (22.2.18), Zool put on the first of its ZOOLRADAR exhibitions at The Menagerie – and it went so well we secured a monthly residency at the venue. Alpha Twin unveiled a slew of highly anticipated new songs and riffs. WASPS transformed the menagerie horde into the rowdiest crowd we’ve seen them play to – just in time for Mosmo Strange to do what we do.

“RADAR 1 was a huge success –  our eyes were opened to the support that we actually have, and it really set a standard for how we wanted the nights to go on.

First up, Alpha Twin absolutely blew the roof off with their opening set. I was on the merch-desk at this point, which was good for a couple of reasons; 1. I was safe from the already hectic moshing going on involving maybe the biggest crowd I have ever seen for an opener at a local music gig. 2. I was right beside the brand new speaker system in The Menagerie and it sounded incredible.

Following Alpha Twin on this night would be hard for anyone, but WASPS more than rose up to the challenge. Danny yelling ‘UPPA FUCKIN’ PEELERS’ then making the crowd yell it back is in contention for my favourite gig moment of the year so far. Tight as a duck’s hole as per usual.

Next up was ourselves, the boys (or Mosmo Strange to everyone else) – and we were raring to go. I really loved playing that set, my Crash cymbal had a life of its own and even ended up in the crowd, twice.

Overall the night blew me away, the support for Zool and our mission to bring local artists together was amazing – everyone I spoke to seemed to have had the best time, as did everyone at Zool Records.”

– Ashley Hellview Hamilton

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