Reflecting On Radar (Pt.4)

ZOOL RADAR 4 featured Judas Wolves, MOSA, NEWT and Hit The B Button – highlighting bands who we’ve recently completed projects with. With the stage set at the last Zool RADAR (for the time being at least) I was excited to take the stage with Judas Wolves to slap out some heavy riffage for the Menagerie going faithful. Bar a few issues with tuning I felt the set showed signs of real progress musically and it’s been great working on new material with the guys, keep an eye out for a Judas Wolves release via Zool in the near future.

Next up were MOSA who brought their massive sound and vibes in what was undoubtably the loudest set of the night. Personal highlight of this set was their cover of Territorial Pissings by Nirvana.

Following MOSA we had NEWT with a debut from Nolan on guitar. This set swung in with a ferocious groove that had the menagerie swaying back and forth (with intermittent headbanging) until the set was done. Props to Nolan and the boys for getting up to speed with only a few days to prepare. Uppa thumb picks!

Finally we had our brothers in Hit The B Button to headline, and it was a blast. Nolan and I had caught the guys EP launch in Pavillion a few weeks back – having become so familiar with the new tunes in the time since, we enjoyed this set even more. An all round stellar performance from the guys, combining pop-punk, hard rock and even math elements into their set flawlessly and giving us all a great send off at the last Zool RADAR of the season. (Watch the video we made for the boys’s latest single below!)

All in all a fantastic night was had, it was nice to get a big celebration in before the busy Summer to come. “

-Ashley Hellview Hamilton