TRACK TALK: Pat Dam Smyth

I really want to share some thoughts on Pat Dam Smyth’s latest album, ‘The Last King’ – you could easily talk in depth about any of the 10 tracks and what makes them worth checking out, but I’ve chosen to focus on my favourite three (they’re great in sequence too, so turn shuffle off!).

We got the chance to support Pat and his band when they launched the album at Ulster Sports Club earlier this year. I can remember the exact moment when they played their track ‘Juliette’ at soundcheck and I was immediately hooked – even so far as hassling the drummer out in the smoking area trying to hum the melody at him between draws (he had no idea what song I was talking about but I found it on Spotify later). It was our first time experiencing Ulster Sports Club’s vintage aesthetic and interior, and the music went along with it in a way that made the whole thing feel like we were crowd extras in a Tarantino scene. I’m a huge fan of the dark, desert psychedelia vibes in Juliette, particularly the descending vocal harmonies around the pre-chorus lyrics – “tired in the morning, tired in the night,” etc. Just oozes cool.

Being fair, I also want to point you in the direction some things I love from next two tracks on the album, ‘Dancing’ & ’Teenage Love’ – the former with its ultra – catchy, r&b-esque verse sections that remind me of those found on Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’, and the latter with its beautiful bridge section that is an actual dream to come back to. The magical journey these songs take you on, and equally the live versions performed by Pat’s band are truly something to behold. Get on this train with Pat (and I)! 

Check out the video for Juliette (above) or listen to the full album on Spotify (below)
by Nolan Roadkill Donnelly
– Purveyor of tunes