NEW VIDEO: The Lord Does What He Wants

We’re delighted to feature the release of ‘The Lord Does What He Wants’ – the new video from our favourite experimental jazz-folk monkey queen, Maya Goldblum. Released under her pseudonym  Queen Bonobo, the single has been released today with a video that’s equal parts bizarre and lovely – featuring a host of local musicians andContinue reading “NEW VIDEO: The Lord Does What He Wants”

NEW SHOW: God Alone @ Zool

We’re hosting the Belfast show of GOD ALONE’s upcoming EP tour – these guys are from Cork and they’ve got a reputation for being one of Ireland’s hottest and most interesting heavy acts. They asked for support from Towers and Sex Hardcore and we happily obliged. Don’t miss this. (Click the artist name to hearContinue reading “NEW SHOW: God Alone @ Zool”

TONIGHT: VOKXEN presents COVEN (Sunflower Bar)

Tonight VOKXEN will be hosting a night of Ireland’s finest in dark, gothic and electro pop at the Sunflower Bar, celebrating the release of their new single bringing attention to a whole bunch of exciting announcements coming from the cosmic synth-pop Belfast trio during the month of October Featuring performances from SYLK, VOKXEN, blxxd &Continue reading “TONIGHT: VOKXEN presents COVEN (Sunflower Bar)”

FEATURED: Don Maple ‘Sorry’

“I spent over a year writing, recording and mixing ‘SORRY” and if I’m being honest… I find it difficult to listen back to.”  Don Maple released SORRY on 16/08 this year – his first full album, self produced and released independently through his label YEAR SPACESHIP. I’d been intently following the singles and videos thatContinue reading “FEATURED: Don Maple ‘Sorry’”

NEW SHOW: Bicurious @ Menagerie

This Thursday, Bicurious return to the Menagerie, Belfast as part of their European tour. I had the privilege of playing with these guys at their show in Dublin last week to kick this particular tour off and let me tell ya – their live show and new songs are fucking amazing. We’re also looking forwardContinue reading “NEW SHOW: Bicurious @ Menagerie”